Information about Cary Farley music, concerts, & cook book


Cary Farley’s Mr. Date Night Book is now available as an eBook!

Read a sample and purchase here on Amazon!

With a new ebook version cover, intro, and lower price of $9.99 –  never before has a cookbook been so entertaining, funny or clever! You might as well consider this book the quintessential guide for your next dating adventure. Whether it’s with the hot new flame you met on the Internet, your loving spouse, beautiful kids, parents, or friend(s). Recipes for the Perfect Date at Home “serves up” a wealth of tips, tricks and dating “essentials” to prepare the right ingredients for the perfect dinner date at home —regardless of your culinary skills. Loaded with over 30 winning date ideas, scenarios and recipes, readers will also enjoy the key ingredient to every recipe — music!  Author and musician, Cary Farley’s romantic Unwind CD adds the finishing touch on every meal in the book. With funny dates such as “The Optimist,” “The Break Up Date,” “Mood Swings” and “Be My Fuzzy Valentine,” Recipes for the Perfect Date at Home will have you roaring with laughter and full!

Also available for Nook and ibook.


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